My School Card – Woolworths

One way to provide support to Northwood is by nominating Northwood Children’s Hospice. By doing so, you can contribute towards the construction of the hospice, without any financial burden on yourself. Every time you make a purchase using your WW card, a donation of 1 cent is made for every R10 spent. These donations, though seemingly small, can accumulate to make a significant difference. Specifically, your contributions could aid in the construction of one of the three wings of the children’s hospice.

Every swipe of your My School Card at Woolworths and other participating outlets – can make a real monthly difference to your chosen organization. We are proud to say that Northwood is registered as a beneficiary (Northwood Children’s Hospice NPC). Please – won’t you consider nominating this organization as your beneficiary if you haven’t nominated anyone yet. – Thank you